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Monday, July 09, 2012

Check Your Vehicles


Check your cars and belonging around South Kaywood development off of Mt Herman Road.
Your site is the best place to put information on the internet, especially regarding our community. Last night around midnight my roomate saw a young buzz cut blond boy in my wife's SUV going through the glove box. By the time my roomate put his shoes on and opened the door, this boy and his accomplice were making their way down S. Kaywood Drive toward Mt Herman road. My roomate attempted to engage the theives, and they proceeded to run into the corn field heading North East evading him. They managed to make off with my wife's Garmin Nav system, but the stupid kids cant ever use it bc of the security lock enabled on the device. Please post this info so people in this area can check to make sure they weren't victims of these thieves also.


Anonymous said...

Another resident has also complained of their car being rummaged through.

Anonymous said...

Try locking them.

TK said...

Make sure everyone is reporting to the Sheriff, the Deputy stated they would put up a camera if there are more confirmed break ins.

Anonymous said...

we live on the east side of town too and a couple of weeks ago we had some people stole some things that were sitting outside of our garage. we welcome them to come back and steal more stuff... we have cameras up now :)

and folks, lock your car doors. i'm sure many of you have garage door openers in them... are you inviting people in?

Anonymous said...

live near there. had the same thing happen in our neighborhood last week. and a couple months earlier, and about 3 times every summer. plus the break ins. one person had their picture window knocked out with an axe and was robed.
calling the police is useless. mike lewis and his "posse" couldn't careles nor know what they are doing. we called and reported it several times to get the same response always. "theirs little we can do about it".
we also had a security system. but, after the sheriff dept. failed to even show up the last time it went off, and i mean never showed up and we waited an hour, and even called and told them after 40 minutes. no officer ever arrived. our insurance company told us to drop the security system. it was of no good in this county they had learned from customers.

as the post above said, lock the doors. but, if they want in, their going to come in no matter, we all know that now.
and call the state police, as a state trooper told us. the sheriff dept. is of little use in this county. or as the trooper called them, mike lewis and his "apple dumpling gang"

Anonymous said...

Is that a joke - deputy will put up cameras - folks on this site object to cameras

Anonymous said...

2 weeks ago Nutters Crossing was hit. At least 25 cars were broken into. Lock your cars, lock you house, and load you guns.

Anonymous said...

- folks on this site object to cameras

July 9, 2012 2:33 PM

speed cameras moe moe

Anonymous said...

If your doors aren't locked, your insurance company will laugh at you if you file a claim.

moe said...

dont need speed cams for this,got a loaded 45 and know how to use it.gun control=hit your target.

Anonymous said...

9:18 PM

I agree with you. Trouble is YOU are probably the one to go to jail.

My advice is leave them where they fall and don't report it.