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Monday, July 09, 2012

4 Signs A Sexual Predator Could Be In Your Child’s Life

The only thing harder than discovering molestation is realizing you missed the warnings.

Her voice was low, steady, and unfamiliar:

“Mrs. Robinson?”


“We haven’t met. I know you just moved in not too long ago. You have a boy about ten, is that right?”

With a rapidly growing concern swelling in the base of my throat, a hesitant “yes” was all I could muster.

“He’s made friends with [the boy that lived behind us]. I’m not going to say too much. But please don’t let him play inside their house.”

With little else said, she hung up. There really wasn’t much more to say. She articulated the unspoken message quite well. I took her advice without any further questions.

Our kids learned about “stranger danger” beginning in grade school. We followed up at home by making it a point to tell them that we would never send someone they didn’t know to pick them up — for any reason.

We also took the experts’ advice and established a secret code word for safety. I worried about, and took many deliberate precautions against, abduction.


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Anonymous said...

And Julie Brewington lets her kids be babysat by Gary Kleiman at the Republican campain headquarters!