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Friday, May 11, 2012

‘On My Behalf’


The debate over same sex “marriage” has engaged the heartfelt feelings and convictions of millions of Americans. Then there is Barack Obama.

In his ABC interview, the president pretended that his much touted “evolution” had now led him, ineluctably, to speak out now, today; he simply could no longer stay silent. ABC let him off the hook, but this is not a credible account. In March, the Washington Post was reporting the debate among his advisers on whether the issue would help or hurt the reelection campaign and what, therefore, Obama should say: “Obama’s top political advisers have held serious discussions with leading Democrats about the upsides and downsides of coming out for gay marriage before the fall election.”

The same advisers told the Post that Obama would make the decision based on his gut, but that is an insulting way to refer to the vice president. There is no evidence that Obama planned to speak until Joe Biden said last weekend that he was for gay “marriage” and forced the issue.



Anonymous said...

A muslim for gay marriage??

Anonymous said...

A Muslim for campaign donation's from Hollywood gays.

Anonymous said...

no it's all about the money, notice right after he came out (funny huh?) in support of the queers hollyweird ponied up millions for his re-election?

Anonymous said...

The U.S. military Et al, his personal army, at his whim. At least that is what his subliminal mindset seems. Megalomaniac I tell ya, megalomaniac.

Do you think he is deserving of that power and responsibility?

Nobama 2012

Anonymous said...

Pretty sad, if Uncle Joe has to lead the way.

Anonymous said...

C'mon folks, this is all staged. This white house is the masters at this.

Biden makes his comments, that "supposedly" forces Obama to make his major announcement.

Then it's released from the white house that Biden apologized to Obama for his comments.

This perfectly sets up the situation for Biden to fall on his sword, and withdraw from the Vice President position prior to the democratic convention.

And then Obama gets to pick a new VP to help his slumping re-election efforts.

Anonymous said...

i don't think obummers decision was made from his gut. maybe a little lower!

Anonymous said...

The military doesn't fight on Obama's behalf.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people keep saying it but please prove that he is a Muslim please.

Otherwise you sound rather clueless.

Anonymous said...

if he were not going to make him secretary of state, I'd say jon kerry would run as veep.
(because he's as ineffective as joe)

Anonymous said...

can anyone prove he's not muslin?