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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Amazing 2002 Forecasts Of Ron Paul

When you understand economics and how government works, you can make some pretty awesome predictions.

In a 5 minute 2002 speech, Ron Paul tells the House speaker exactly what is going to happen (and has happened) by the end of 2012.

"I have no timetable for these predictions, but just in case, keep them around and look at them in 5-10 years. Let's hope and pray that I'm wrong on all accounts. If so, I will be very pleased."



Anonymous said...

OMG, just think about it. map

lmclain said...

NOW, do you see why the media won't give him 5 seconds of air time? Name ONE politician -- JUST ONE -- who will speak the truth. Then or now. The sheep will rally around their media-generated and promoted candidate and, being generally uniformed about the condition of our country, our history, and our Constitution, will cheer us all straight down the path towards totalitarianism and bankruptcy. Ron Paul has no chance, but history may well record him as the last person who told America the truth.

Anonymous said...

My Ron Paul sticker is STILL on my car. No matter, I will never ever put Obama into an unstoppable position as a lame duck President regardless of who runs against him.