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Friday, May 11, 2012

Study Finds Widespread Pedophilia on Facebook

They are graphic images and disturbing websites no parent wants their child to stumble upon, and they can be found on Facebook. A new report by WorldNetDaily uncovers several pages for pedophiles, as well as pictures of adults assaulting kids.

To see the disturbing images, all one needs is a Facebook account.

"All of it was pretty shocking to me. When I went on, I expected to see some pretty seedy stuff - maybe some topless children and stuff," said WorldNetDaily staff writer Chelsea Schilling. "When I went on, I actually found children under the age of 12 being sexually abused by adults and actually in the process of intercourse and having these photos uploaded to Facebook by cell phone.

Schilling is writing a revealing four-part expose called "The Secret Dark Side of Facebook". Working with advocates opposed to child pornography, she surfed the most popular social media website and found an underground world of online pedophilia.



Anonymous said...

Pedophiles have no fear of the law. The laws need to be harsher.

mack said...

WOW-WOW alot of good the sex offenders registry is doing ?? Face it 99% of those caught are not even on the billon dollar list ?? Makes you wonder why we even have a list that is SO easy to get on and is costing billons at a time when our budgets are killing us and they even have to have SO-CALLED special sessions to fight over the budget ??