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Friday, May 11, 2012

Cop Kicks Pregnant Woman In Stomach, Dept. Says He Was Within Policy

Officer says he didn't know the woman was pregnant.

Just when you thought the police ran out of ways to disgust you.

Dekalb County police officer Jerad Wheeler was called to a home to settle a domestic dispute involving a pregnant woman named Raven Dozier, her brother and his child and baby's mother.



Dana said...

If the police dept. he works for doesn't get rid of him,they are opening themselves up for a whole lot of law suits. He has issues that need to be taken care of before he kills someone. It really angers me that people like this do crazy things and make all the good cops looks bad.

Anonymous said...

He was on the call by himself, he already tazed one person and he reports that she was coming at him, so he front kicked her which was within policy and a part of his training. If this is how it happened I'm fine with what happened. How is he supposed to know she was pregnant. There are way too many obese women in this world for him to stop and say, hold on just a second before you approach me becuase I want to know how to and which force to respond with. Are you pregnant or just fat. People need to stop bashing the police. They have normally less then two seconds to make decisions that in this case somone is questioning MONTHS later. I guess since she was nine months pregnant she did not have the ability to assault or kill this officer. Maybe if she was not such trash and respected her unborn child she would not be getting involved in these types of situations and should have said when the officer responded. Officer I'm pregnant and I will wait over here or outside till you need to talk to me.

Anonymous said...

Dana, how are they going to get rid of him, if he followed policy and his training? This officer has rights and can not be terminated without cause. Where is the cause. I guess we can ask Comcast to fire their technician becuase when he left my house he tracked dirt on my carpet, because he had to walk across my dirt driveway.

Anonymous said...

And @ 9:37 is a perfect example of a total idiot they let into a police department. "I dont see anything wrong with kicking a pregnant woman." You my friend are a total loser.

Anonymous said...

This is the same officer that responded to the wrong address for an argument, trespassed into the back yard where a man was playing with his dog.
The officer started yelling aggressive commands, pulled his gun and the dog was killed on the spot.
He said he was in fear for his life.
This guy sounds and acts a little too paranoid to carry a gun, tazer, or any other kind of weapon or badge.
He should be euthanized from the police force.

Anonymous said...

maybe the idiots shouldnt have charged a police officer. im my opinion, cops should stop being politically correct. give the suspect one warning, then start shooting.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 9:44 apparently you can not read written English. I never said as you quote" I dont see anything wrong with kicking a pregnant woman". I said "If this is how it happened I'm fine with what happened." Which means if he did not know she was pregnant and just thought she was fat then I was ok with kicking a fat suspect in the stomach, that just happened to be a female, and after the fact he found out she was pregnant. What person,police officer or whoever would knowingly kick a pregnant women in the stomach. Maybe the mother is a dirt bag, but her unborn child is an innocent. Unfortunatley this baby will most likely be raised the same way and end up in the same situations that her parents are. Anon: 9:44 you are a fine example of the total idiots that surf the blogs looking to post idiotic comments while quoting someone incorrectly.

Anonymous said...

So if you want to attack a police officer with impunity and a possible lawsuit to add to your unwarranted existence- just make sure you are pregnant.

Come on people. You have googled Raven Dozier. You know what the police officer was dealing with. - David Hearne

Anonymous said...

When is it ever right for an officer to kick someone in the stomach?? If the baby is lost will he be charged with murder?? or would this be considered an abortion of sorts and be okay?