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Friday, May 11, 2012

House Shifts Pending Budget Cuts From Defense to Entitlements

Six months after the congressional supercommittee failed to come to a long-term deal on federal spending, House Republicans reignited the debate Thursday by passing legislation that would stop looming defense cuts and instead cut hundreds of billions of dollars from entitlement programs.

The legislation, passed on a 218-199 vote, is unlikely to advance beyond the House. The Senate hasn’t shown any interest in holding a budget debate this year, and the White House said President Obama likely would veto the House bill if it reaches his desk.

But it serves as a marker in a debate that all sides expect to play out as the end-of-the-year deadline for the defense cuts grows nearer.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice move. The original TEA party, if we all recall, was all about this. Taxation without representation. That means that txes were assesed on the people without reason, or, "we just need the money to run the government". Now, taxes are assessed on specific needs of the government for specified items and for specified times in some cases, but not all.
Today's taxes seem to not only still be bringing in revenue from totally antiquated programs long expired, but also the taxes taken for "A" are rerouted to issue "B".
Now we have the same problem in our government that sparked the original Boston TEA party, hence the new TEA party revival.
Let me also add to this that the current Washington, D.C. license plate slogan is, I kid you not< "Taxation Without Representation". With that audacity showing publicly, I am personally aghast.