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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Md. Aims to Raise Sex Trafficking Awareness

Maryland officials hope to teach police officers and social services workers to be the state's front line in a battle against sex trafficking.

Being a little "nosey" and knowing what signs to look for during everyday interactions and who to alert can make a difference in uncovering what is too often dismissed as a victimless crime, Homeland Security Special Agent Adrian Sanders said.

"Anyone who is observant will see it," Sanders said. "The victims aren't going to reach out for help, so it's up to us to approach them."



Anonymous said...

How about if O'Malley concentrates on the state's budget problems instead of worrying about sex?

Anonymous said...

NOW needs to be on this instead trying to get Rush off the air.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because he's not getting enough 3:12. :)

Anonymous said...

Something else the useless fed govt agency Homeland Security dreamed up so they can justify their existance.
Then of course the State Police and other LE agencies jump right on the bandwagon and attend this stupid conference because they think it looks good to have it on their resumes that they got a certificate for attending a sex trafficking conference (all on taxpayers money mind you.)

If cops spent as much time in the neighborhoods where they patrol getting to know the residents and gaining their trust as they do on useless govt sponsered conferences, workshops and seminars we'd be alot better off.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What is so wrong with sex in traffic?

Can't have any fun sometimes!