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Friday, May 11, 2012

Lawsuit Says Sheriff Discriminated Against Latinos

PHOENIX — A federal lawsuit asserting a “pattern of unlawful discrimination” by law enforcement officials here claims that Latinos at the county jail were often referred to as “stupid” or addressed with a coarse ethnic slur. It also says that an e-mail circulated among jail officers contained a photograph of a Chihuahua in a swimsuit, over the words, “A rare photo of a Mexican Navy Seal.”

On the streets, Latino drivers were five to nine times more likely than their non-Latino counterparts to be stopped or searched, the suit asserts, for appearing disheveled or dirty or if it was deemed that too many people were in the back seat. Some were detained because they were said to have looked nervous or avoided eye contact.

The accusations are among those included in a lawsuit filed by the Justice Department on Thursday against Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, who, calling himself “America’s toughest sheriff,” has waged a relentless crackdown on illegal immigrants.



Anonymous said...

Sorry he is actually trying to rid us of the illegal immigrant problem....which is exactly what Obama should be doing yet he is fighting the Sheriff because he is going to expose him as a non American citizen.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Joe pulls over 5-9 times hispanics because there are 5-9 times the number of hispanics! Doing anything else would be profiling caucasians! DUH!

Anonymous said...

And yet he keeps getting elected over and over again. I guess the people of Maricopa County agree with him. If you are breaking the law, then you are breaking the law. Imagration can be done legally but if you don't your breaking the law. Tell the feds to stay out of his business and mind the border. Seems that all of this is retaliation for the investigation he is doing into a certain birth certificate.

Anonymous said...

Joe should arrest Holder.