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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NASA Reschedules Virginia Suborbital Rocket Launches

ATLANTIC, Va. – Bad weather has prompted NASA to reschedule the launch of five rockets from its Wallops Facility in Virginia.

The rockers are part of a study of the upper-level jet stream.

The launch had been set for Wednesday morning but has now been pushed back to early Thursday. Bad weather has postponed the launch several days.


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lmclain said...

We've been studying the jet stream for more than 50 years and know everything we could about its movements and effects. Google "HAARP" and you'll see why we want to see MORE about the jet stream, which greatly influences rain, hurricanes, cold fronts, and drought. The U.S Navy has officially proclaimed that, by the year 2020, they will CONTROL the weather (around the globe!). How are they planning to do THAT?? Can't know how well HAARP is working if we can't monitor the jet stream 3500 miles away. That ain't "tin-foil hat" BS. Its information reported and publicized by the U.S. Navy and the government. If you think it is not, go there (Alaska) and try to enter or approach that top secret facility. You might be shot (by our own government).