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Monday, March 12, 2012

Is There More To The Invisible Children Story In Uganda Than MeetsTthe Eye?

I was a sophomore in college when I first saw the movie. I remember sitting cross-legged in front of the screen while wearing a white undershirt and khaki pants. I cried.

How can you not shed a tear when you see innocent children talking about having to kill family members and being captured to take part in a mad man’s war? I never forgot the images.

Those images were the result of the nonprofit Invisible Children — a group fighting to end the atrocities of Joseph Kony in Uganda. He and his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) captures the helpless children, forces them to fight, and kills and rapes others.

For a little bit, I even wanted to go over to Uganda and join the fight against Kony. I didn’t. I became a journalist. And now I find myself in a tough position: after posting an Associated Press story about the Invisible Children’s newest video (which has been seen millions and millions of times and even has the support of Anonymous), I’ve been getting messages from people (including my own brother) telling me to look into it more. Something seems a little off, they’ve said. Torn, I started digging a little more. And here’s what I found.


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Anonymous said...

And guess how much oil they sit on? It's all about the $$$$$$ Go to war for the good of the people. Time to wake up.