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Monday, March 12, 2012

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs: You're Using Them Wrong

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are great for energy savings, but their other stated benefit—lasting longer than incandescent bulbs—often doesn't live up to the half-decade advertised on the package. Sometimes that's the user's own fault, for using bulbs in a way that diminishes their lifespans.



Anonymous said...

The only correct way to use them is standing up at the 100 yard and the 300 yard target range.
They don't even need to be turned on to shoot them unless your doing it at night.

Anonymous said...

oh, are we suppose to actually screw them in???? figured they would last longer in the box.

lmclain said...

Well. The PRICE isn't our fault, though, right? It's merely the consumers fault for not reading the (very) fine print. Like we usually do when we buy light bulbs.