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Monday, March 12, 2012

Clash With Iran Could See Use of Huge, New U.S. Bomb

(Reuters) - A 30,000-pound (13,600-kg) bunker buster bomb designed to smash through some 200 feet (65 metres) of concrete before exploding is a "great weapon" that could be used by U.S. forces in a clash with Iran over its nuclear program, an Air Force general said on Thursday.

Lieutenant General Herbert Carlisle, Air Force deputy chief of staff for operations, said the massive ordnance penetrator, which the military began receiving only last year, is part of the U.S. arsenal available for strikes against countries like Iran, which has some buried nuclear facilities.

"The massive ordnance penetrator is a great weapon. We are continuing to improve that. It has great capability now and we are continuing to make it better. It is part of our arsenal and it will be a potential if we need it in that kind of scenario," Carlisle told a conference on U.S. defence programs.



Anonymous said...

Obama will not go to war with his friends. All this is nothing but BS talk.

lmclain said...

"....if we need it...." I got a feeling we ARE going to "need it". For the "conflict" we are getting ready to initiate against Iran. Not a WAR, but another endless, don't shoot unless they kill you first, we don't really want to hurt anyone, type "conflict". What are all those companies (and their well-heeled friends in the Senate who take their bribes and kickbacks) going to do with their ever-increasing inventory of bombs and bullets?? Yep, Iran is looking like a big opportunity, er, uh, ummm, I mean, THREAT. Yeah--- thats the ticket!! Threat! USA!! USA!! USA!!!

Anonymous said...

Well now your just a raciest for chanting USA, USA, USA...

At least that's why they called and banned some high school players for doing after a "big game"...

Anonymous said...

Once again Imclain has hit the nail right square on it's head.
It's the money folks-it's not about democracy, weapons of mass destruction or nuclear facilities.
Everyone needs to quit falling for this BS once and for all.

Anonymous said...

3:14, Obama's friends are ones who benefit from a "conflict" as they are the friends of most members of congress. These friends are the makers of these bombs and other arms.

Anonymous said...

For an insight into this read:

Sam Cummings
Interarms & The Arms Trade

By: Patrick Brogan/Albert Zarca

Sam was kind of a local guy, born in Philly, ended up in Wash DC, had his office in Alexandria and a home in Faquier Co, VA.
He got his start working in the CIA and went on to form Interarms. When he died (1998) he was the largest private arms dealer in the world.
This book is a picture in how governments and wars really work.
As a side note Sam's sister Lilla was married to Sen John Tower. See how this "sewing circle" works?

Anonymous said...

We gotta turn our Salisbury News family around Imaclain! They blame everything on liberals when in reality there are very few differences between the dems and the reps. Congress is nothing but one big clique all with the common interest of lining their own pockets.