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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seven Arrested For Medicare-Medicaid Scam

Seven people are under arrest, charged with fraud in the largest Medicare-Medicaid scam ever. The arrests followed work by an interagency Medicare-Medicaid fraud team known has HEAT. Deputy Attorney General James Cole says the fraudsters might have received $375 million in phony claims. A Texas doctor, Jacques Roy, and his nurse certified 11,000 people as having received home health care from five service providers. Health and Human Services Inspector Gerald Levinson credits data analysis tools for helping catch the alleged thieves.


Anonymous said...

If the Gov. would "fix" this problem----we'd most likely not be broke.

I watched a TV program about a guy who was in jail on Medicare Fraud--He had been a drug dealer, but said he made a lot more money by doing this.

The Gov. can't seem to fix "IT" , how in the world do we think they are going to keep us safe?

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of doctors right her in Salisbury doing Medicare, and other insurance fraud regularly.
My elderly mother went to one of the podiatrists in town (On Milford St) to have her nails cut. She PAID the bill at the time of the visit and they turned around and billed Medicare 3X the same amount, AND got paid!
We have reported them for fraud.
I called around a few weeks ago, for a different problem,and found a different podiatrist, in the same area that said the bill would be $169.00 if it was paid the same day but if not, it would be twice that amount.
Wake up people! The twice the amount is what they're billing insurance and medicare! But if you pay CASH, it's much cheaper.
THIS is what's wrong with the system and why some of us can't afford health insurance anymore!