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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who The Hell Is Eleanor Mulligan?

More than likely the Daily Times doesn't know who the hell she is either but they don't care. I for one do not recall ever meeting this woman, yet she had her letter published in today's Daily Times. Why, because she attacks the majority of the City Council.

Think about it Ladies & Gentlemen, how would you like to be Greg Bassett or Joe Carmean right about now. They refused to publish the truth almost 8 years ago and along came Salisbury News. Sine then we have chipped away at two very cocky guys who firmly believed no one could hurt them. "Bring it on, we love competition," they said.

Today they publish no investigative reporting. They grab about 90+% of their news off the AP Wire and sit back and wait for Mike Lewis, Matt Maciarello, Rick Pollitt or Jim Ireton to hand feed them the news. They have become the laughing stock of print media and it's 100% their own fault.

When HONORABLE men like Delegate Mike McDermott goes to them and says he'll deliver a weekly piece on his work in Annapolis they turn him down. We don't have that kind of space, they told him. Yet they can find all kinds of space if you want to attack Debbie Campbell, Tim Spies or Terry Cohen, go figure.

The Daily Times have become their own worst enemy. They hated the Blogs and claimed they are held to higher standards of professionalism. Ask around and many will say their lies being published on a regular basis are far worse then the Blogs are, yet they just quote people so it isn't their lies. Held to a higher standard, eh? If you know something is a lie and you publish it, just what are those standards?

Nevertheless, Eleanor Mulligan must be related to someone in the former Tilghman Administration. You know, the people who are desperately trying to get back into the GOB and run Salisbury even further into the ground, as if Mayor Ireton isn't doing enough all by himself. From the looks of her letter I'd say she's of the age in which she needs happy pills but has a social security number, if you know what I mean.

Eleanor, take your pills now and go back to bed. Mrs. Mitchell will finish your letter and sign if for you. Heck, she'll even wait until the Daily Times confirms it came from you, just cause she's a really nice woman. That's how those liberals work, you know. What a rag that Daily Times has become. Oh, Mrs. Mitchell, you can turn the oxygen back on if you don't mind.


JoeAlbero said...

I just LOVE how you liberals are coming on here trying to attack me for having my own opinion towards her message.

HOWEVER, the reason ALL of your comments have been rejected is simply based on the fact that it is OK fer her to attack the majority of the Council but God Forbid I say something against her.

Do as I say, not as I do, right libtards?

Anonymous said...

She is closely aligned with Louise Smith and was her campaign treasurer

Anonymous said...

Mulligan was also one of the charter FOB's (Friends of Barrie).

She has always slandered Debbie Campbell and Terry Cohen, too.

Anonymous said...

Mulligan was Louise Smith's campaign manager. (Bradshaw was her treasurer.) I had the misfortune to be standing near to Mulligan and Smith years ago as they were sucking up to Terry Cohen after a meeting, trying to make her think they were on their side. To then see what they did later was just sickening. No wonder Smith got the nickname Louweasel on this blog.