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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LaHood Honks When Drivers Talk or Text

WASHINGTON - Drivers who talk or text on their cellphones may hear from the Secretary of Transportation in a very personal way.

"I drive around on the weekends in Washington," Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood tells WTOP about his informal road patrols.

When he sees what he describes as "my biggest source of irritation" -- somebody on a cellphone, LaHood takes action.


Editors Note. What is your driving pet peeve?


Anonymous said...

Folks that don't know what blinkers are for. You paid for them, use them!!
Folks that don't use HEADLIGHTS. Running lights may be on, but the taillights are not. With headlights on your taillights are on. Using your headlights makes you easier to see, daytime & nighttime.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of pet peeves. Not signaling, left lane drivers, tailgaters, weavers, race car driver wannabe's, blinding headlights, not using lights in inclement weather.

That just about does it. lol

Anonymous said...

I'd write him for noise.

Anonymous said...

How about focus on the damn road, and don't worry about what other drivers are doing, as long as they're not being a danger to others. Mind your own damn business instead of being a busybody.

The 'spy on your neighbor' generation, that's my peeve.

Anonymous said...

10:16. If someone's distracted on the phone, that IS our business. They should hire a cop specifically for ticketing cell phone users in cars. The salary would pay for itself in a week's time.

Anonymous said...

Part of being a responsible driver is knowing what is going on around you. You have to pay attention to what the other drivers are doing so you can react.