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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Red means 'go'? Careless Drivers Blow Past Stopped School Buses

ROCKVILLE, Md. -- With yellow lights flashing, a school bus in Montgomery County comes to a stop.

The exterior stop signs with flashing red lights on the bus extend out.

But some cars keep passing by the bus -- even as school kids cross the street.

Video from the Montgomery County Public School system, obtained by WTOP, shows this scene play out over and over again.

"It is very blatant, and the only thing I can figure is people don't consider that each time someone passes (the bus) it could be a tragedy for a child," Todd Watkins, director of transportation for Montgomery County Public Schools tells WTOP.

He calls the incidents a "daily occurrence."


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Anonymous said...

I will be going to court on March 22 for the same thing. It is really scary when a car just flies by my bus and the kids are getting ready to cross in front of the bus.Luckily my students had't stepped off the bus yet. I had a car run my lights a week later at the same stop, but he was going too fast for me to get the license plate number.My student hadn't even gotten off of the road yet. God was watching out for these kids.