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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Conservative Leaders Demand Apology From Huffington Over Anti-Catholic Column

A group of socially conservative leaders is demanding Huffington Post publisher Arianna Huffington apologize for allowing a column to be published on her website that compares Catholics to pedophiles and attacks communion as a "barbaric ritual."

In the letter dated Tuesday and obtained first by, the group -- never fans of the online news site -- writes that the website, recently purchased by AOL, is "complicit in bigotry" for publishing columnist Larry Doyle's article about Rick Santorum's Catholic faith.

"Larry Doyle's recent anti-Catholic screed in the Huffington Post, 'The Jesus-Eating Cult of Rick Santorum,' is bigoted and unacceptable, and a perfect example of 'flame-throwing, name-calling, and simplistic attack dog rhetoric'" that Huffington pledged to avoid when she launched the Huffington Post in 2005.



Anonymous said...

Same kind of stuff Santorum thows out all the time about gay people.

Anonymous said...

The Left had everybody fooled into thinking they were compassionate we now know they're more like the Nazi party.

Anonymous said...

I think the CHURCH owes a few public apologies for its clandestine cover ups of sexual abuse and misuse of tithings to cover up and protect abusers