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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Salisbury Towing Fees


Anonymous said...

That is a rip off

Anonymous said...

i got charge $480 by a local company because my car was in a yellow zone and the police had it towed. They though they were proving a lesson to a college student. It was my car and the yellow zone was two inches into my car. TWO!
It is about time we had regulation. And they only took CASH and refused to give me a receipt.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...need a disabled vehicle towed? You'll pick it up tomorrow?

Tow fee - $80
Winch fee - $55
Storage - $50
Admin Fee - $30

Total: $215

All I have to say is, thank God for AAA Plus!

Anonymous said...

just sign over your paycheck.who can afford that crap.

Anonymous said...

As long as winching is different than towing, it seems pretty fair to me. And no, I am not an automotive trade or tow person and do not have AAA. I work construction.

Tow 160 max
Storage 1 day 50
Admin 30
Weekend release $5 less than an extra day, so 55 max

Total $295. Wake me up in the middle of the night and make me patch up the hole in your broken into building:

$400-$600. MINIMUM

Tee said...

the scpd had my vehicle towed from an accident 2 weeks ago.I had a busted headlight and a flat tire.

I requested to put on the spare and drive away but the officer would NOT let me do that and he never asked if I had a tow company I'd like to call.

I do infact have a tow company that I use.

This officer called a certain company that I really do not care for. This company charged me 160.00 tow, 30.00 admin fee, and 50.00 storage from 12:00am Sat. morning until 11:00am Sat. morning.

"Admin fee"?? c'mon people this is nothing more than a fee for them to be bothered with your business. IE: a "fee" for them to bill you.

The Towing company that I use went to the impound lot and picked up my vehicle and towed it to my place and he charged me a whopping 60.00, that's right 60 bucks.

The cops in Salisbury must get a kickback and with these prices I think that they will get more of a kickback.

I have been in the automotive repair business for 40 years and take it from me, these city prices are highway robbery without the gun.

Anonymous said...

At least there's some cap now, but I had to laff when the new young city attorney fella had to fix what the Mitchell woman and the old attorney had done.

Anonymous said...

Even if you have AAA the police decide who is going to tow your vehicle. You have absolutely no say in what company is going to tow your vehicle. Years ago a city cop called his buddy in Sharptown to tow my car from the south side of Salisbury!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what all the fuss is, the price is regulated (cut by scpd) and people are still moaning and groaning about it? The admin fee is for office people to deal with people. The hospital charges an admin fee! Plus the cost of insurance on the tow truck, new truck is $80k or more and plus all the signs and not even mentioning fuel prices. It's a business like any other.