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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Councilwoman Stopped Going 105 mph in a 55 mph

Police gave chase to a Prince George's County Council member allegedly going at least 100 miles per hour on the Beltway - but when Karen Toles was finally pulled over, she was only given a $90 fine and a warning

It began last Wednesday just after noon. A police officer on the inner loop of the Beltway spotted a county-owned Ford SUV allegedly traveling more than 100 miles per hour and recklessly changing lanes.

The officer flipped on his flashing lights and began a pursuit. His dash cam recorded speeds of 105-108 miles per hour as he tried to catch up to the SUV, police say.

The officer followed the SUV off the Beltway and through two traffic lights before the SUV pulled over.


Anonymous said...

Funny, if it were anyone else they would have been ticketed and thrown in jail. Another prime example of the government thumbing it's nose at the masses. I had a USPP vehicle fly by me on the GW Parkway last night going 70 in a 40. His vehicle # was 216. Always find that funny.

Anonymous said...

what is uspp

Anonymous said...

United States Park Police??

Anonymous said...

I guess she isn't on the president's list for detention stay, even if she is a citizen

Anonymous said...

The Beltway has got the most horrendous drivers in the country.