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Monday, January 02, 2012

Hurlock Man Faces Drug Charges

HURLOCK - A 29-year-old Hurlock man was arrested Dec. 20 on charges including drug possession and distribution after allegedly more than 70 grams of marijuana was found in his car.
Brandon Terrace Milton of 4752 Skeet Club Road was charged with three counts of malicious destruction of property more than $500, two counts each of possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia and trespassing on cultivated land, one count each of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and third-degree burglary, and various traffic charges.


Anonymous said...

He use to work for Allen Family Foods Security in Hurlock, and was noted to hang out in the employees parking lot for hours instead of doing his job!

Anonymous said...

70 grams? That's all? Hell, I can smoke that little bit in one blunt!

Anonymous said...

He is a no good boy, not a man. All he do is smoke weed and sell drugs. I remember when he use to work at Allens he stay having sex and smoking weed in his car on the clock, while he had a wife. I was told she lefted his... thank God. Brandon is no good all he goin to do is get back out and start selling weed and PCP.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... I was just told he got 5 years probation behind this. And like always what is he doing now... back selling drugs, and i know this for a fact. It will catch up to him again. IN Hurlock everyone know everyone and everyone is talking.