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Monday, November 07, 2011

Sharon Bialek Accuses Cain Of "Sexually Inappropriate" Behavior

A Chicago woman accused Herman Cain on Monday of trying to get sexual favors more than a decade ago in exchange for his help finding her a new job just after she had lost her post at an arm of the restaurant association he was then running.

The woman, Sharon Bialek, is the fourth woman who has accused Cain of sexually inappropriate behavior in the late 1990s and the first to go public with her charges. She outlined her story at a high-profile New York City press conference at the Friars Club.


She is from Chicago and Obama picked her for this said...

To begin with she is a whore:

Tried to extort 1 million dollars from a guy in Chicago some years ago,

and has a reputation of making false allegations about sexual harrassment.

Anonymous said...

A systematic attack on Cain.
Obama knows that if Cain get the nomination, Obama looses!

Anonymous said...

No Cain fan here, but this is starting to smell of BS. This chick appears out of nowhere with a high power celeb. attorney! lol

But allegations of Obama had something to do with it (see above) smell of just as much BS.

Anonymous said...

"Looses," 7:11?

Anonymous said...

Proof, 1:27?

Anonymous said...

Still don't believe all she is saying. And so what? It is in the past. Leave it there.

Anonymous said...

She claims that when this supposedly happened in 1997 she told 2 friends but didn't go into detail. I can't believe that the conversation only went as far as her saying she was sexually harrassed and her friends not asking questions.
And now reading a bit about her past history she appears as though she is somewhat of a failed con artist.