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Friday, November 11, 2011

Pain Almost Drove George Clooney To Suicide

'I can't exist like this,' actor thought after injury making 'Syriana' in 2005

It seems impossible to imagine that Oscar-winning, lady-loving movie star George Clooney would ever think of offing himself.

But he has. He even worked out how he would do it. Shockingly, the man who seems to have an impossibly charmed life really did contemplate suicide at one point — and it wasn't from depression, regret over some horrible act or a romance gone bad.

So why would he ever dream of doing such a thing?


Anonymous said...

Chronic pain is an awful thing. Try to have a full time job along with chronic pain and see how understanding your employer is about your condition. If they can see you bleeding or something in a cast or sling, they don't believe there is anything wrong with you.

Anonymous said...

12:02 AM

I hear ya man. I have chronic pain every day. And that's with taking 30mg morphine 2x a day and 15 mg perc's 3x a day.

If I have that much pain WITH pain pills, I shudder to think what it would be without them.

I get so frustrated with people who use these pills to get high with. It makes those of us who need them look like 'drug seekers'.

Not many days go by that I DON'T think about suicide. But I've always managed to talk myself out of it, so far.

I understand it's hard for other people to understand what we go through. Like you say, if they can't see anything wrong they assume nothing is. And that is so far from the truth.

It hurts. It makes you depressed. It makes you feel useless. Nobody can grasp that unless it were to happen to them.

I would love to walk or even stand for long periods without hurting.

It really diminishes your quality of life. Thank God I have a wife and family that understands and is supportive.

Without them I would probably have been gone long ago.

But I'm still hanging tough. You hang tough too. You are not alone.

Anonymous said...

was it the pain of having to actually watch his movies ?

Anonymous said...

Mike Jackson's doctor is looking for a new Job.

Anonymous said...

2:33 a.m., I feel your pain, so to speak.

For you and anyone else with chronic pain, please give the Johns Hopkins Pain Clinic a call or get your doctor to refer you.

A friend of mine went there and the pain reduction (not elimination, but reduction) was amazing. My friend said it was like getting her life back. They do a lot with things that don't involve drugs, so you get relief and a healthier path to it.

Thoughts are with you. I can't even imagine the concept of leaking spinal fluid from the nose that Clooney went through. It tells you this was no small accident or celebrity whining.

Anonymous said...

10:08 AM

I've been dealing with pain for years. Been taking pain pills for years. Had the injections in my back. Had a nerve cauterized (killed it with electricity) but they grow back into 'super nerves'.
Had spinal surgery. All kinds of tests, MRI's, x-rays, you name it. Soon will be starting injections again.

It's no picnic. Good luck to everyone who has similar problems.