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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Man Gets $330,000.00 Home For $16.00

Thanks to a little-known Texas law, a man found an abandoned $300,000 home, moved his stuff in and filled out some paperwork. It cost him $16. Now, apparently he’s a homeowner.

On June 17, Kenneth Robinson moved into a $330,000 home in an upscale neighborhood in Flower Mound, Texas. Except, instead of going through a bank, wading through the mortgage process and making a down payment, Robinson went to the Denton County Courthouse and filled out a form. The house he was after was abandoned, and the mortgage company went out of business. So after months of research, Robinson took advantage of a Texas law called “adverse possession.” All he had to do was print out an online form and for a $16 fee was granted rights to the house.



Anonymous said...

Isn't that kinda like squatters rights?

Anonymous said...

Thatis what the dumocrats propose for housing isn't it Barnie Franks idea of free housing.

Anonymous said...

I want one like that!

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Robinson sounds like an American name. I thought only illegal aliens were allowed to do that.

Anonymous said...

I thot adverse possession took some time. That is , person has to be there for a certain period of time, which I thot was 20 years.