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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dennis Albaugh's Chevy Collection, Ankeny , Iowa .

In case you have not seen it, this is an impressive collection?

This guy lives in Ankeny , Iowa ? He has lots of toys including his own 18 hole golf course, which is some what copied after Augusta National?? This guy started from scratch and is now just a little behind Oprah, but I'm sure he will overtake her net worth in the next couple years?? This is what you call a REAL Chevy guy

Notice anything about the cars on the photos?

They're all convertibles,,,, like a field of dreams for sure...tic tac.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the collector could be approached for the next auto industry bailout...

Anonymous said...

Wow! Now THAT is a collection!
Very impressive!

Anonymous said...

I recall that he has a benefit show once a year

Dave N said...

Wow! his collection of 'Ragtop' Chevy's is one of the best I've seen yet. He bought a 1917 Chevy Royal Mail Roadster from me a while back. I can barely see the side of it in the picture of the '57 and '58's , Glad to see it has a good home.

Dave N

Anonymous said...

Outstanding Chevy Collection. It is just to good to stay hidden. Hope with the sales of your company you will have time & money to provide car shows to those who love that you have done so well.

Glad you have such a wonderful Chevy collection.
Bev S

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a physical address on how to get to the collection?