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Saturday, September 13, 2008


If you're having problems getting onto Salisbury News, please change the address to .

Every so often we experience problems with the main domain, ( and to play it safe you simply have to save the blogspot location and you won't have that problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience Folks. Joe

Please spread the word.


Daddio said...

I didn't know we had a choice. I've always used the blogspot in the url and never had problems accessing the site.

Anonymous said...

use it for a break joe, stop and smell the roses. i'm sure the daily douche bag is already gone to print. closest they would get to something you are posting now wouldn't be in the paper umtil monday if they were lucky

Anonymous said...

Hay Joe
This has nothing to do with your site having problems.I wanted to thank you for your prompt responce to the imformation i provided you with last week concerning the allmighty HUMANE SOCIETY LINDA LUGO and the city of Salisbury.You jumped into action got the info out there and look what happened residets and the city once again have a place to take there animalls whether it is the right place under the wright management is another agenda! be that as it may GOOD JOB keep it up you do get results.