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Saturday, May 16, 2020

A Coup Against Our Constitutional Rights

This isn’t about saving lives or keeping a pandemic from getting out of control. Those are just the tools being used by the Coup leaders to panic the population into compliance. It’s not a coup against Orange Man Bad, either. It’s a coup against our Constitutional Rights.

I’m not denying that there’s a new strain of virus that was probably invented then by accident or plan, leaked out of a Wuhan bio lab, and there’s no question that stopping airline travel between countries, social distancing and increasing personal hygiene all helped in slowing the spread of this new virus there’s no vaccine for. But that’s where this turns from suggestions of good strategy to outright tyranny and takeover of the entire economy, stomping out human rights as fast as our Governors can.

Sweden did nothing but social distance and sanitize more. No shutdowns, hunker in place, masks. Nope, everything stayed open. As of May 8, 2020, which represents 38% of the year that’s passed, their death rate is just slightly ahead at 42% of the yearly 90,000 average deaths, and considering that death rates are typically higher during the December thru March flu season, they’re probably right on average with any other year. Yes, they had a taller faster spike, but then developed herd immunity making the spike drop just as dramatically back to normal.

No, our Democratic leftist Governors and politicians, along with the MSM have stirred the Pandemic Panic Pot into a full blown frenzy never letting a good crisis go to waste, and have turned the Michael Flynn case and Russia, Russia, Russia into Impeach Orange Man into shut down the whole Country and pass out “essential business” tickets to their preferred corporate friends which of course requires holding the unemployed for ransom in order to pass 3T in giveaways to their special interests instead of the chump change scattered among the People to give them a weeks pay to buy enough time to write up more trillions as we get hungrier.


They’re all in it together; Obama, Comey, Brennan, Rosenstien, Holder, Clintons, Schiff, Pelosi, Meuller, Yates, Clapper, Rice, Governors like Hogan, Whitmer,& Wolf, et al. They all know each other and have each others’ backs in this coup attempt, and if We The People don’t stand up soon, we’re already more than halfway to Venezuela.

Wake up People. Write and call, insist and pound your fists, but prepare for the worst. These bastards are going hard and fast and must be stopped at all costs. We have never been safe from anything, and we’re certainly not safe now. They are serious and so are we.

We have rights given to us by Our Creator and no government peon who we hire to work for us has the power to take those rights away unless we are ignorant enough to give these rights away.

I say we keep them.


Anonymous said...

Socialism phase 1

Anonymous said...

I'd say more like Fascism 101

Anonymous said...

I agree. Mouselini called Facism the merger of corporate interests with government power. Forcing the population to buy a product (health insurance) for instance is Facist. Ditto for the vaccine agenda, it is Facist.

Now all bets are off.
We appear to move into full communist government control complete with social monitoring and spying.

Scary times ahead