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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Trump-ing Obama: The President's rally in Orlando just put Obama to shame


Anonymous said...

Shows WHO is going to WIN in 2020 !!! GREAT

Polls don't mean shhhht Nor the Fake News !!!!

Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: Any one who has a portrait of Lincoln on his was is nor a great student of history and is suspect in my book. Lincoln was a mentally deficient scoundrel who, like MLK, is being supported by revisionist history. However, the information provided is excellent. I love the comparison of President Trump and the Kenyan rallies. I recall seeing a Hildabeast rally photo that was photoshopped and it is obvious because when closely examined, one can see many of the people in the photo are duplicated many times over. My gosh, how I despise our government and ethnically controlled press and media and their blatant attempts to manipulate dumb, low information voters to vote for the likes of Kenyan and Hildabeast.

Anonymous said...

America is getting 2020 vision

Anonymous said...