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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Harvard’s Former Dean of the Faculty Condemns Removing Portraits of White Doctors for ‘Diversity’

A Harvard University Medical School teaching hospital has removed portraits of white doctors in the name of “diversity” and their former Dean of the Faculty is speaking out against the decision.

Former Harvard Medical School Dean Jeffrey S. Flier wrote an op-ed in the Boston Globe slamming the decision as a “mistaken approach” to promoting diversity in medicine.

Flier wrote of seeing the now bare walls, noting that “what I experienced was not diversity, but sterility.”

“I concluded that, despite some valid concerns, removing all the portraits from this historic amphitheater — in this way — was a mistake. Celebrating diversity doesn’t require erasing or suppressing the memories of those who contributed greatly to the institution and the profession — people whose work continues to have impact today,” Flier wrote.



Anonymous said...

we are getting there - a banana republic!

Anonymous said...

Whites don't feel superior. It is the blacks that feel inferior and just don't want to face up to it.

Anonymous said...

Have they lost their minds over there?