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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Twitter suspends conservative activist David Horowitz

The Twitter purge of conservatives continued Tuesday as the social-media giant suspended longtime activist David Horowitz.

The suspension, initially reported by OANN host Jack Posobiec, came the same day as Mr. Posobiec’s account devoted to documenting assaults on trump supporters, @MAGAphobia, was suspended.

Mr. Horowitz’s certified account @horowitz39 showed up as suspended Tuesday evening.

Mr. Horowitz is a former leftist who edits FrontPage Magazine and directs Discover the Networks, a watchdog group that tracks liberals and leftists.

The Horowitz Freedom Center, which still had a Twitter account, denounced the suspension as “@jack continuing his fascist censorship of conservative voices.”



Anonymous said...

It's Twitter they would suspend Trump if he was not so marketable.

Anonymous said...

3:03 This is exactly right, but soon they will ban everyone and they won't have revenue for ads or anything... Just like how FB, Instagram and all are doing this, even Snoop Dogg said for all of his millions of followers to post pictures of the people twitter and FB and Instagram deem terrorist or teach hate, yet they won't ban or remove actual terrorist groups like isis form FB or Instagram... So yes there is clearly bias here... But as Snoop said, they can't ban all of us so lets see what happens... The alphabet group said anyone and everyone who promotes or publish pictures or content in regards to the people they removed and deem terrorists, like conservatives, they will ban all of you, but they will lose income to if they ban everyone, so clearly they won't ban everyone...

Anonymous said...

How does Twitter exist when it loses money every quarter makes you wonder where the money comes from to keep these money losing businesses going.