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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Arizona Construction Company Sues Over Border Fence

A construction company based in Arizona is suing the Department of Defense over the “highly flawed solicitation and award” process used by the Army Corps of Engineers, the Washington Examiner reports.

Fisher Industries CEO Tommy Fisher told the Examiner that for the past two years, the Army Corps has blocked pre-qualified companies like his from bidding on jobs. Fisher’s company has filed two complaints with the DoD over contracts awarded to other companies. In a formal suing document filed in April, Fisher went on to accuse the Army Corps of withholding standard proposal requests to keep companies from making bids that would be lower-priced and more quickly completed.

Fisher told the Examiner that his lawsuit will hopefully draw attention to the government’s bidding process.



Anonymous said...

I'd personally like to see the city of Salisbury MD investigated for their bidding process. It seems it's gilliss Gilkerson then veteran builders and now George Lynch. The latter isn't even from around here but the steady flow of income has allowed them to set up a local office. What a crock of S***

Anonymous said...

I have Veteran Builders constructing a monstrosity next to me. OK maybe the foreman is a Vet but everyone else does not speak English and listens to Mariachi Music the whole day seven days a week.

Anonymous said...

WT gets all the school projects then use their pet subs to do the work,hows that?

Anonymous said...

Contractors are not obligated to award a job to the lowest bidder. Usually you get what you pay for, ei less money paid / poor quality job