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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Dems Colluded With Ukraine Against Trump

The Democratic National Committee asked Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko for help in its unseemly plot to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, according to media reports.

The revelation comes as a backlash continues to build against Deep State Democrats for foisting the now-discredited Trump-Russian electoral collusion conspiracy theory on the American public as a way to explain Democrat Hillary Clinton’s unexpected defeat and to cover up President Obama’s leadership role in a real-life left-wing conspiracy to take down Trump’s campaign, transition team, and new administration.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, D.C., now acknowledges DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa asked the Ukrainian government for dirt on Trump and for information about his one-time campaign manager Paul Manafort’s dealings with Russia’s neighboring country, John Solomon reports at The Hill newspaper.

Chalupa spends much of her time spreading lies and trashing President Trump on Twitter. For example, on May 4, she urged the Twenty-Fifth Amendment be invoked to overthrow Trump.

She wrote:


Anonymous said...

Sort of like when Trump campaign met with Russians for incriminating evidence on hillary?

Anonymous said...

And so the Dems make headlines to impeach and claim Congress has most power over all branches of govt which is all distractions to cover up their crimes. The DNC and their cronies made this mess and now it is time to hold the real investigations to expose these crooks.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that you've been brainwashed by the Democratic party bullshit. The real criminals Obama and Hillary put this garbage out there to get people off their trail

Anonymous said...

Don't spend another $35 million of our money investigating it please.We'll take your word for it.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct. some people are afraid of the facts.

Anonymous said...

9:54 I think you’re confusing that with Hillary’s and Obama’s little Russian plant that didn’t work.