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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Sick: NYU Professor Talia Lavin Questions Why The Memory Of 9/11 Is Sacred

Over the weekend, New York University professor Talia Lavin found herself under fire after questioning why the memory of 9/11 is sacred.

In March, Breitbart News reported that NYU had brouth Lavin on as a journalism professor after being fired by the New Yorker after her now-notorious false claim that a disabled veteran had a Nazi tattoo, so that should give you some idea of their standards over at the journalism department.

She’s their problem now I guess.

She followed this up with some attempt at a clarification, arguing that 9/11 couldn’t be “sacred” because it was not a religious incident.



Anonymous said...

It was not a religious incident? I am willing to bet that even non-believers were all of a sudden praying to God if they were trapped inside one of the buildings.

Anonymous said...

Has she ever heard of Gettysburg or Pearl Harbor ?

Anonymous said...

Obviously, this "professor" is quite ignorant.

Anonymous said...

911 was a ritual sacrifice

And Muslims don’t do ritual sacrifices
Think about WHO are into Numerology