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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Worcester County Sheriff's Office Press Release

Worcester County Sheriff's Office 
Press Release

On Wednesday April 17th at about 2158 hrs. A Worcester County Sheriff's Office Deputy was conducting a traffic stop on Rt. 90 near Rt. 589. While out of the vehicle the Deputy was struck in his back by a passing vehicle. 
The driver of that vehicle did not stop and exited Rt. 90 on to Rt. 589. 

Deputies located the vehicle and driver at a residence in Ocean Pines. The driver was identified as William Edward Mott, 62 years of age of Ocean Pines Md.

Mr. Mott appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. Mr. Mott was placed under arrest and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while revoked, and leaving the scene of a personal injury crash. Mr. Mott was held at the Worcester County jail pending trial. 

The Deputy sustained non life threatening injuries and was treated and released.


Anonymous said...

cops need to stop walking into damn traffic.

Anonymous said...

That's all those north end old retired farts in OP have to do, is drink and bitch.

Anonymous said...

Today's mentality thinks it is ok to do this since the Obama circus has created tension between cops and civ.

Anonymous said...

They can not prove DUI if he is not caught behind the wheel while intoxicated. Once he exits the vehicle and goes in to the house they can not prove he didn't down a 5th after he got home.

Anonymous said...

Yep! That’s what my lawyer said too.

SUPER TROOPER in green Cape holding up hand said...


even though you might be doing 80mph on 50 heading to O.C.