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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Arizona Mayor Declares Emergency Over Migrants, Warning of 'Imminent Threat'

Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls issued a proclamation of emergency, saying the continued mass release of migrants directly into his border community had become an "imminent threat" to life and property in the area.

The city lacks the resources it needs to handle the migrants, he said.

Yuma is the first border city in the U.S. to declare a state of emergency as part of its response to the latest surge in the number of migrant families reaching the U.S.-Mexico border to seek asylum.

"Today is a day that we had talked about three weeks ago, hoping never to get to," Nicholls said at a news conference on Tuesday.



Anonymous said...

I used to work at a job where we listened to the "Maxima" radio station. I only know a few words in Spanish but there used to be a commercial on that would advertise something about a trip to Yuma. I remember it distincly because it played constantly and it was funny the way they said, "Huuwma!". Guess the tickets were one-way.

Anonymous said...

Stop all the BS and get that wall built.

Anonymous said...

Close the border now!...smh