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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Google Caves to the Intolerant Left, Betraying Its Own Ideals

Believers in internet freedom and all the potential of the digital revolution should be deeply disheartened by Google’s spineless decision last week to abandon its artificial intelligence advisory council.

The reason Google dropped the idea? The inclusion on the council of The Heritage Foundation’s president, Kay Coles James.

James would have been a conservative voice on the council to offer balance and a different perspective than is usually heard in the left-leaning world of digital enterprises.

The presence of even one conservative was too much for the intolerant minions of Google, who rose up in protest, wrote slanderous petitions against her, and forced their management into retreat, just like they previously forced Google to abandon plans to work with the Pentagon.

Yet, James is exactly the kind of person who would have so much to contribute. Who in the male-dominated, techie world of Silicon Valley could match her insight and experience? Her perspective as a black, conservative, female intellectual and leader is distinctive, compassionate, and so rich that few people could match it.



Anonymous said...

The answer is simple , the management of Google are a bunch of gutless unprincipled BIGOTS !

Anonymous said...

Proves these Tech companies need severe government controls put on them.

Anonymous said...

Google is intelligence
Ditto for Facebook and Amazon

Wake up