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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Could Jerome Corsi's lawsuit destroy the Mueller investigation?

Perhaps the media and the various "experts" should reconsider salivating over the recent information stemming from the Michael Cohen plea agreement in light of the lawsuit filed by Jerome Corsi. According to Fox News, "Corsi filed a 'criminal and ethics complaint' against Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team, accusing investigators of trying to bully him into giving 'false testimony' against President Trump." If this is true, Michel Cohen's "admissions" will be rendered virtually meaningless, and Robert Mueller's investigation should be immediately terminated.

As part of his plea agreement, Michael Cohen admitted to making false statements in a letter to Congress in 2017 regarding a 2016 Moscow building project that was being considered by the Trump administration. According to Cohen, the discussions regarding the deal continued until June 2016, as opposed to January 2016, as he previously stated in his letter.

Many well respected legal scholars have opined that Cohen's admission has no bearing on President Trump and the Russia investigation. According to Alan Dershowitz, "special counsel Robert Mueller's probe is creating crimes rather than uncovering past ones," and the "devastating" report he will write will be based on people "who have lied." Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett agreed with Dershowitz. According to National Review's Andrew McCarthy, Mueller is building a report as opposed to a legal case. Said McCarthy, "With respect to the president and 'collusion,' Mueller does not have a crime he is investigating. He is investigating in hopes of finding a crime, which is a day-and-night different thing." Together, these comments paint a picture of an investigation that is reeling and a prosecutor hoping to find something he can use against the president that would justify his interminable investigation.



Anonymous said...

Sure hope so
End this

Anonymous said...

So hoping! This crap has been a HUGE waste of tax player dollars and NOTHING has come of it. You know why? Because it WASNT Trump it was the demoncrats!!

Anonymous said...

This is what government does....spend OPM