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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Michigan Lawmakers Urge Fast-Food Chains to Drop Gendered Toys

More than a dozen Michigan lawmakers support a resolution in the state’s House of Representatives pressuring fast-food chains like McDonald’s to eliminate “gender-classified” toys from their children’s meals.

State Rep. Leslie Love, D-Detroit, who introduced House Resolution No. 49 on Wednesday, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview that the purpose of her resolution is to stop fast-food chains from reinforcing gender stereotypes.

“I would visit fast-food restaurants and when you go through the drive-thru they always ask if you want a girl’s toy or a boy’s toy, which was really annoying. Just offer people a toy … and move on with it,” she said. “How do we get caught up in gender identity with a toy?”

“We’re telling them [children] in advance … that this toy equals a boy and this toy equals a girl,” Love said. “We’re setting up this prejudice in our children unconsciously, unknowingly. It has become so ingrained that this dysfunction is almost normal.”



Anonymous said...

Don't chang a thing. If this is the crap you you think the people want you addressing you are stupid and should be fired.

Anonymous said...

yeh so whats the problem?

The Christian worldview confronts that assumption head-on. Scripture clearly defines human beings

Furthermore, this purpose, along with every other aspect of God’s creation, is declared by the Creator to be “good.” This means that human flourishing and happiness will take place only when the goodness of God’s creation is honored as God intended. An evangelical theology of the body affirms the goodness behind male being male and female being female.

The brokenness of the world explains why sinners will often deny the distinctions between male and female.

Ideologists of the sexual revolution are partly correct when they argue that much of what our society celebrates as masculine or feminine is socially constructed and should be discarded. Scripture should inform and correct our notions of what is masculine and what is feminine.

But Scripture clearly refutes any theory that gender is only a social construction or that human beings are free to define gender in a way different than the way God defined male and female in the act of creation.

As Scripture also makes clear, the identity of the human being as male and as female points to marriage as the context in which the man and the woman, made for each other, are to come together in a union that is holy, righteous and absolutely necessary for human flourishing.

Sex, gender, marriage and family all come together in the very first chapters of Scripture in order to make clear that every aspect of our sexuality 

lmclain said...

Is there a secret contest among these sissy cross-dressing liberals to see who can be the most offended at things that don't really offend anyone (but them)?
Do they get up at 11am (you know what I'm sayin') and start looking around to find SOMETHING to whine about???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a liberal a$$
Sad people like that are in our gene pool huh?

Anonymous said...

It is time in this country to start taking these idiots out back and beat them! Daddy has a good paddle and the woodshed!

Anonymous said...

Islam censorship

Anonymous said...

Approved by Muslim politicians FACT.

Anonymous said...

What a complete idiot! Whole swaths of Detroit have been abandoned and torn down and this is this elected person's priority?

In the real world, a kid in the car will pout if they don't get the toy they want. And the parent will unload on the employee, who in Detroit is lucky to even have a job.

Anonymous said...

Democrats = Mental Illness