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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Meet The Ballot-Harvesting Felon At The Center Of A Still-Undecided North Carolina Race

A North Carolina man known for creative "electioneering" and alleged fraud is now at the center of a hotly contested House race in the state's Ninth District separated by just 905 votes, which state regulators have refused to certify, according to the New York Times.

Elections regulators are poised to hold an evidentiary hearing this month. Investigators have already begun questioning witnesses about what Joshua Malcolm, who was named on Monday as the election board’s chairman, described last week as “claims of numerous irregularities and concerted fraudulent activities” with regard to absentee ballots in rural parts of the district. -NYT

At the center of those activities is L. McCrae Dowless Jr. - a felon and politico convicted of perjury and fraud in the early 1990s. Dowless - known for get-out-the-vote campaigns revolving around absentee ballots, was hired by a firm working for Republican candidate Mark Harris against Democrat Dan McCready, and was rumored to be in line for a $40,000 bonus if Harris won the election.



Anonymous said...

How are these people not getting background checks and anyone with a arrest record should be Exempt.

Anonymous said...

I swear I still think Chuck Cook was behind stealing your election for Mayor of Salisbury. They know all about stealing elections. Look how they stole the Democrat Primary from Bernie Sanders and not one person was angry about that.

Chuck Cook was an employee of the State Democrat Party and he is/was best friends with Jim Ireton and Jim Ireton had access to the polling places in city buildings like the Salisbury Fire Department on Cypress Street.

This is nothing new to the Democrat Party and I am confident it happened in the Salisbury Municipal Election.

On a side note, why is the Wicomico County Board of Elections responsible for the city elections and they have no control over it?