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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Conservative Leaders Demand Congress Fund Border Wall for National Security

More than 100 national conservative leaders demanded Tuesday that Congress tackle illegal aliens on the U.S.-Mexican border in the year-end funding measure, demanding $5 billion for a border wall and other national security safeguards.

Leaders of many of the most powerful conservative organizations in the United States signed this Conservative Action Project Memo to the Movement, entitled “America’s National Sovereignty Threatened: Congress Must Fund a Wall that Secures our Southern Border.”

“As the southern border continues to be overwhelmed by migrants seeking illegal entry into the United States, we urge Congress to finally address this issue,” begins the Memo to the Movement.

The Memo makes three specific demands on Congress to achieve this national security goal:


Anonymous said...

They might as well get it done and stop the BS. Per Trump, funding for the wall or shut down the govt. dilly,dilly...

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Now they decide to fight with a month to go. I guess the ESTABLISHMENT is still alive and kicking.