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Wednesday, October 03, 2018



Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Look out hillary the "DEPLORABLES are at it again"

Anonymous said...

Good Gawd!! That is a lot of people. Hillary would have 200 people there if she was President. She would be in a conference room at the Ramada.

Anonymous said...

cant believe hildabeast is stil on tv calling us deplorables! she is married to the biggest sexual predator in the country. hope she gets ass cancer and dies!! tired of hearing her bs!

lmclain said...

2020. Maybe the last election for what was once known as the Democratic party.
The party of hate, stupidity, divisiveness, lies, hyperbole, hypocrisy, and delusion.
They want to be trusted to run the country again.
I wouldn't trust them to hold my kid's piggy bank for 5 minutes and they want the country???
They could run DIRT into the ground. Free everything???
Just saying that should get you put on a boat with a one way ticket to China. Nah. North Korea.
Given the choice, most so-called democrat "leaders" would prefer to be set on fire than to have to run against Trump.
Keep cheering (and pray they go for the "fire" option)

Anonymous said...

11:16 of those 200 people they would have had to pay 198 of them to be there!

Anonymous said...

Each and every one of you better show up to vote November 6th. Want things to change and get better? The only way is at the ballot box. You may not agree with everything with Republicans that are running but They are and will be far better then Democrats. If you do not like the behavior that youre seeing from protesters and Democrats and The abuse that they are putting Kavanaugh and his family thru then you better vote and you better RED WAVE it. If these Democrats win in November it will enpower them more and they will pull their tricks even more. Because they know they can. Trump needs the support of Republicans to get done what he promised that he would get done. He cant do it without you. Just wait till Trump runs again in 2020 and see what that brings with their violence. The only way to stop them is to show up and vote them ALL out! RED WAVE it.