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Wednesday, October 03, 2018



Anonymous said...

The difference is he has spent most of his life studying and understanding the law; she hasn't. That having been noted, why wasn't she able to just tell her story? Why did she need to be coached? Either it happened or it didn't. Just the facts ma'am. Interestingly a former boyfriend has now surfaced and refuted her claims to never having coached someone for a lie detector test, her phobia of flying, and her claim to need a second front door in her home.

Anonymous said...

Although sickened by all this, I hope that this opens citizens' eyes to the true ways of Democrats. Hang on, patriots; it's likely to get worse before it gets better.

Anonymous said...

Voice stress analyst of her testimony showed deception on her part. It showed she was lying on almost all of it.

When it was compared to Brett's, he was also being deceptive, however, it was only on a couple of things.

It was being deceptive on the amounts he drinks.

Anonymous said...

The story is, seating was limited in the hearing because liberals had used strategically located camera seats for actors and actresses to grimace and scorn behind Kavanaugh during his testimony. This is just another way they and their willing propaganda arm try to manipulate the truth. Subliminal projection.

Anonymous said...

Sorry .... I believe ALL her LIES

Not Fooled....Bob Aswell said...

Who wants to take a bet on a positive confirmation of Kavanaugh? I'll take ALL you want covered. This is political grandstanding at it's best. The charade is nearly over and I challenge anyone to provide TRUTHFUL answers to the following questions.
1.( Do any of the Dumbocratic dolts think the people of this Country would ever allow a wholesale reversal of the trial guidelines by a group of thugs like Booker who want to give ingress for aquittal to others of his cut and be sure the Supreme Court would sanction such actions knowing full well the same would be Anarchy and also happen to them?)

2.( Do you think before this abandonment of the Rules of Evidence and Law the President wouldn't step in and organize the military as other Countries' do to thwart any civil conduct to make this happen by resistant Dumbos'?)

3.( Do you think the George Soros incited nuts who systematically attempt to derail this Country's system of Morals and Dogma will accomplish a one-sided rebellion as many gun owners and toters' there are in the USA?)

A Civil Rebellion is going to happen in this Country BUT the outcome ISN'T going yield the effect Booker and Soros hope for. A wholesale 'weeding of the garden' is going to happen and if you don't think so, I can remember when teachers included an in-depth chronology of a time when a group of folks 'thought' everything was going to be uprooted because of politics and money. They were patently wrong and the results was carnage far exceeding one's imagination and has left a void in ideology lasting to the present. It was called 'The Civil War'....Don't be lame in the mind enough to believe it CAN'T HAPPEN AGAIN. NOT FOOLED....Bob Aswell