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Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Caroline C. Lewis: The Barbarism of the Democrat Party

On Thursday, in Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony, the American people saw a man fighting for his reputation, his integrity, and his family. His moving words felt less like a testimony and more like the last cries of an innocent animal before it is slaughtered.

This is what the confirmation process has become for the Democrats: a slaughtering of innocent people who obstruct the political goals of their party. Through intimidation, psychological warfare, character assassination, and public shaming, they behead their opponents and hang their remains on pikes at the city walls — as a barbaric example to all who seek public office.

For Democrats, politics does not create better lives for the American people but instead serves as a power war justified in employing any tactic, at any time, anywhere. In their wake, Democrats leave the bodies of defamed leaders, politicians, and their traumatized families. This they cloak as “civic duty.”


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Anonymous said...

What's obvious to anyone who is an honest person is that Ford is a liar. She is to NOT be believed. Because she is a liar she has purposely not given anything provable such as a location of the home where the phantom assault took place.
She may fool democrats most of whom are ignoramuses and all are liars. So if they know she is full of crap their inherent dishonesty will prevent them from ever admitting the truth. That truth being Ford is lying through her teeth and she is a disgrace to humanity and trashy just like every single other democrat dead or alive.