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Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Merkel Fights For Globalism, Warns Trump Against ‘Destroying’ UN

‘Global governance’ a form of ‘coercion and domination’ that ‘responsible nations must defend against,’ Trump said during speech

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday warned U.S. President Donald Trump against “destroying” the United Nations.

“I believe that destroying something without having developed something new is extremely dangerous,” Merkel said at a regional election campaign event in Bavaria.

The veteran leader — a close ally of Trump’s bugbear Barack Obama while he was president — added that she believed multilateralism was the solution to many of the world’s problems.
Trump failed to see the possibility for win-win solutions, she said, instead seeing only one winner from any international negotiation.

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Phronesis said...

Trump's way is to create a win-win in almost all he does as president, right after he pulls the pants down on the slackers, letting the world see what's (not) there. After that often rude (but effective and revealing) reality check, he expects that they'll get down to business.

Anonymous said...

The UN is a joke. The worst human rights violators and crooks reside there. We need to defund them and sell the real estate! Their ultimate goal is to usurp American sovereignty and create a one world order. Thank God for President Trump!

Anonymous said...

Pull the US out of the UN! Let her fund it and run it.

Anonymous said...

Germany needs a civil snowflake war.

Anonymous said...

close our bases in germany and move them to poland. Let the germans deal with russia on their own without our money or support!

Anonymous said...

One world government is a few elites control all of us and not for the good of the people.

Anonymous said...

Trump is right! Trump 2020

Anonymous said...

The UN has become a tool in the march to the new world order, and Trump is playing our cards just right.

Anonymous said...

Close down the NYC UN Office and make it Another TRUMP HOTEL.

Anonymous said...

German People please stand up to theses Treasonous commie Snowflakes.

lmclain said...

Thank you, Mr. President, for standing up for America instead of telling everyone how bad we are and how much we've ruined the world.
The next time, let the French fight their own war.
TRUMP 2020.

(In the mean time, buy guns, practice all the time, and stock ammo).

They are not going to be very happy the next time around. Make sure that when they start hurting people, you are not the last one.