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Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Congressman Andy Harris Update on Response to Aggressive Protesters Outside of Washington, D.C. Office

WASHINGTON, DC: Congressman Harris, M.D. (MD-01) made the following statement on aggressive marijuana protesters outside of the D.C. office on October 2, 2018:

"After I was physically confronted by protestors attempting to physically force their way through a private doorway into my office in Washington, D.C., the same violent protesters then attempted to forcibly open the main door to the office.

In potentially dangerous situations like this, especially when a physical confrontation has already occurred, staff and Members of Congress are instructed by the Sergeant at Arms and the Capitol police to immediately lock down the entire office suite, and to call for Capitol police support. And that's exactly what my staff did, despite the efforts of the protesters to force the second door open as well. Some of these same protesters have participated in, and disrupted, town halls by talking over other constituents. I commend my staff for keeping a level head during dangerous circumstances.

Yesterday’s events were truly shocking, and I strongly condemn those who promote physical confrontation as an appropriate response or solution to policy disagreements.

Despite the protestor’s aggressive confrontation, I remain committed to pursuing legitimate medical research into marijuana through legislation in a bipartisan effort that I have sponsored alongside some of Congress’ leading marijuana proponents.”


Anonymous said...

Obviously the protesters don't realize Democrats control the legislature in Maryland an just going after Harris because he's Republican.

Anonymous said...

Need to go after the millionaires and billionaires who lost pension funds through poor investments but got rich from high fees.Just look up the hedge fund billionaires who managed pension fund money and you will see huge losses all the while they benefited.

Anonymous said...

The radical left keeps pushing those idiots like they are hoping for a physical confrontation, they should be careful about what they wish for they might actually get it.

Jim said...

Andy is an anesthesiologist. Maybe what he needed was a nightstick.. he could have introduced these idiots to 'twilight sedation'


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that at some time, these protesters will get a taste of their own medicine and get the hell beat out of them.

Anonymous said...

If the capitol police won't do their duties, hire a couple of goons to break some knee caps and charge it to the state in your budget. The only way to deal with physical violence is to return the favor and the punks will run like deer.

Anonymous said...

One news outlet said, "The women were part of a protest by activists who say they support using marijuana for medicinal purposes to fight opioid addiction."

That's something that wasn't made clear elsewhere. We were left thinking it was all about a bunch of stoners wanting recreational weed without legal consequences.