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Monday, September 10, 2018

The Thrill Is Gone: Only 750 Turn Out to See Former President Obama in Far-Left California

This weekend, in an unprecedented move, former President Barack Obamawent on the campaign trail to push the far-left Democrat agenda in the upcoming November elections.

But, it didn’t quite turn out like he expected.

Only 750 people showed up at his event in far left California!

Far left George Soros related Think Progress reported over the weekend about former President Obama’s event in Anaheim, California –

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA — Former President Obama made his first campaign stop of the midterm elections in Orange County, California Saturday to stump for seven Democratic House candidates running in districts currently held by Republicans but that Hillary Clinton won in 2016.



Anonymous said...

Sweet Old Barack (course I tend to abbreviate for conciseness).

Anonymous said...

Maybe even the lefties are realizing that Obama was a drag on this country.

Anonymous said...

People remember what it was like being jobless and without real health insurance. And the working people do not like the socialists without a clue running around promoting free stuff. Nothing is free!

Anonymous said...

Race Baiting SOROS bought POS.