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Monday, September 10, 2018

Gold Star Wife Drops Challenge On Nike, Kaepernick: ‘Meet Me And My Son At Arlington’

Gold Star wife Brittany Jacobs issued a stark challenge to former 49er and new face of Nike, Colin Kaepernick, suggesting Sunday that they ought to meet her and her son at Arlington National Cemetery.

“They can personally look in the eyes of my son and see what a dear sacrifice was made,” she explained, “and they can look around and see thousands and thousands of people who also sacrificed everything for something that they believed in.”



Anonymous said...

He won't show bc he is too busy in his knees.

Anonymous said...

Wait... so she’s supporting him? I guess the son did die defending American’s right to protest. So K should go thank her

Anonymous said...

You go Brittany put that POS ghetto mouthpiece in his place, and any who follow him!