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Monday, September 10, 2018

How Hurricane Florence could be an extended problem for the DC region

Hurricane Florence is tracking toward the East Coast with inevitability rarely seen in storms several days away from landfall. While forecasters were careful to cite “high uncertainty” in recent days, their tone changed after watching the storm’s eventual path barely shift from what they had considered to be a worst-case scenario.

Monday morning, as the storm rapidly gained strength, the National Hurricane Center was forecasting Florence to become a strong Category 4 storm before making landfall along the Southeast or Mid-Atlantic coast on Thursday.

Computer model forecasts have generally converged on the storm coming ashore in southeast North Carolina, although shifts in the track are still possible and storm impacts will expand great distances beyond where landfall occurs.



Anonymous said...

This storm could take lives...please take it seriously.

Anonymous said...

Folks on the weather channel are giddy with excitement.

Anonymous said...

And I I'm sure the liberals are already plotting to blame it all on president Trump mark my word