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Monday, September 10, 2018

Liz Peek: Angry Obama still doesn't get it as he hits the campaign trail

President Obama is mighty confused.

In a fiery campaign speech at the University of Illinois, the former president suggested that Donald Trump was elected in 2016 by the “powerful and the privileged.” He also railed at voters for failing to show up, and for permitting such a damaging “threat to our democracy.”

But here’s the truth: it wasn’t the powerful elites that voted for Donald Trump in Michigan and Ohio. It was blue collar workers who felt they had been overlooked by Obama and by Democrats. Who were offended by the headlong rush into identity politics, and by policies that protected everything but their jobs and their livelihoods.

It was voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania, who had seen local industries move overseas, and it was voters in Michigan, who were aggrieved that Hillary Clinton took their votes for granted.



Anonymous said...

It was voters all over the country (except a few pockets) that saw Hillary Clinton as the worst presidential candidate ever.

Anonymous said...

I have no power nor am I rich but I do love Trump and will vote for him again in 2020 if he runs. (map)

lmclain said...

He won, what? 2100 or more counties in the country (out of 2300 or so)?
Hillary was repudiated in an embarrassing loss. It was obama's issues and disdain for America and it's citizens that they rejected SO SOUNDLY.
And, if one considers all the things the democrats did (even to their own candidates, like Bernie, who was dead in the water, thanks to the behind the scenes work by hillary), they STILL took a very serious ass-whipping.
So please, obama, STFU.
YOU were and still are, a big clueless goof whom history will destroy.
He knows it. hillary knows it. and Trump keeps winning.
Maybe Trump can turn that into a campaign slogan.
"Vote for the worst losers and go back to losing."
The democrat and liberals are so screwed up they couldn't win a coin toss with a two-headed coin.
Cheer on.

Anonymous said...

Obama uses words and facts to mske a cohesive argument against POTUS. Meanwhile its Trump who can only throw juvenile insults over twitter and string together barely coherent lines of fiction. Yet Obama is "angry". Try again clowns.

Anonymous said...

Nice try 8:53

Anonymous said...

Well Obama tried to run on the premise he was not prejudiced his grandmother or someone in family was white. And he was the president for all people. His buddy Al Sharpton was invited to the white house like 60 times. Why did he during his 2 terms as president never get Sharpton to pay his millions in back taxes. He never backed law inforcement or 1st responders. He always pointed his fingers at all white people we're all the same to him, we look alike. He forgot that the majority who voted for him were white that we believed in his Kool Aid till the real "Obama" showed his true colors by his 2nd term. He made quick judgements in arrests where black youths died he couldn't wait till trials and facts were in, he never mentioned that some of them had been thugs with records. He attended their funerals but not ever funerals for fallen officers even when so many were killed in Texas by a deranged person in just one single incident. In my opinion he abused his power and opinions like no one else mattered and that there might at times more than one view. I voted for him twice and regret my short sightedness in doing so.

Anonymous said...

Obama continues to draw flies. Not a surprise.

Anonymous said...

@8:53, At least Trump did not run on his color. That's why obama is out there running his mouth. To trick the blacks to vote democrat again. You slave loving democrats sure are butt hurt. It must really suck to be you. I guess one day you will come to your senses. I do not feel sorry for people who should know better. Clown's? You people are good for a laugh though.