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Monday, September 10, 2018

President Trump Tackles Obama, Hillary In Early Morning Tweets

President Donald Trump took a moment Sunday morning to take swipes at both former President Barack Obama and his former rival, Hillary Clinton.

He began by tweeting “Happy Anniversary!” to Clinton, along with a video clip of her on the 2016 campaign trail. That video, dated September 9, 2016, showed Clinton coining the phrase “basket of deplorables” to describe supporters of then-candidate Donald Trump.


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Anonymous said...

Obama did nothing for this country and I voted for him twice the first 4 years I thought he was really trying to do right, by the 2nd four years I saw nothing accomplished and he started to be the racist I didn't see before. He became buddies with Al Sharpton and repeatedly had him to the White House and Obama's invitation. This is a racist who really knows how to stir the pot, and never pay taxes like the rest of us have to or be jailed. Obama in every incident where their was a black teen youth and the police before there was any trials or facts he drew the line his mind already made up. He never either time waited for justice just used the racist card. This is the only thing Obama and Hillary have done for this country is divide our country's people and make it worse than the 50's & 60's that is treason in my book. You did 0 good and made all white people deplorables. You divided a nation that did fine until you entered the picture. We all bleed red we are all Americans and we have and will get along just fine without you in it. Retire on your Ass and shut up!